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The much-anticipated AMAS staking program is finally here! Amasa is thrilled to announce two new staking pools, which will make our platform’s native AMAS token all the more rewarding for community members.

The AMAS staking pools are designed to offer strong incentives for both our existing community and newcomers, and…

Hop hop hooray 🐇🎉🥳🐇 The five winners of the Amasa Community Whitelist competition for ChainBoost’s upcoming ChainBunnies NFT launch have been drawn!

The winning ERC-20 addresses to be whitelisted are:

  • 0x1978aA2Ba03491ccba7FD37fCb431dFE9217F671
  • 0x6e023A834d7c695666936A9B15f5BBdAaFCDF6dA
  • 0xE221f2fb3833CF228cc32dFf0241aa2A45695CD1
  • 0x97aC8d0430F1F5F205b2e81aa6f556D851bFc9Fe
  • 0x8185a2F2C85DD367070C993C6bD5B5a85557b5c8

All winners have been contacted via email and Twitter DM.

⚠️ Be weary of scammers…

Hold on to your carrots, NFT fans 🥕🥕 Our friends at ChainBoost are unleashing 10,000 ChainBunnies NFTs next week! 🐰

To celebrate, Amasa and ChainBoost are offering VIP early-access whitelisting to five $AMAS token holders.

Here’s how to enter for your chance to win one of the five whitelist spots:

Amasa is excited to announce an upcoming ecosystem partnership with Hive. Hive offers fantastic technical integration and cross promotion opportunities for Amasa due to its rich gaming, social, NFT, and DeFi ecosystem and shared ethos of Web 3.0 user empowerment.

Hive already has a stable of 30+ apps and communities…

Amasa is thrilled to announce a partnership with REVV Motorsport, the ecosystem for a range of motorsport themed blockchain games developed by Animoca Brands, currently including REVV Racing, F1® Delta Time, MotoGP™ Ignition, and Formula E: High Voltage.

The partnership offers a range of synergies underpinned by the ongoing success…

The uptake of connected devices is continuing at a staggering pace. Our love of smart devices in our homes, cars, cities, and those that we carry around with us mean that by the end of the decade, these devices will outnumber humans by 10 to 1. …

Amasa is excited to announce our partnership with IoTeX. IoTeX is a leading blockchain powered network for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It was founded to create a borderless ecosystem of connected IoT devices that can interact in a trusted, secure, and privacy preserving way.

IoTeX offers users around the…

We’re pleased to share news about Amasa’s breakout dual IDO on TrustPad and ChainBoost. By the time the offering ended at 18:00 UTC on October 1, Amasa raised $300,000 for 3.75 million $AMAS through three powerhouse launchpads.

In all, 3,125,000 $AMAS tokens were allocated via TrustPad and ChainBoost to raise…

We are now living in the Web 3.0 age. Web 3.0 provides the ability for people anywhere in the world to trade information, data, and value with counterparties they’ve never met or established a trusted relationship with. And more importantly, without the need for an intermediary of any kind.


Since when did it make sense to pay over $10 million for a 24 x 24 pixel picture of a punk alien? Or nearly $3 million for a hand drawn picture of an ape?

Since NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) stormed onto the crypto scene.

Into the Metaverse

To understand the appeal of NFTs…


Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.

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