You might have heard of “play to earn” gaming. But what if you could play to earn a living?

For an increasing number of people, blockchain gaming is making this a reality.

View the video below to see how a small community of people in the rural Philippines have turned to the game Axie Infinity to earn a livelihood during the challenging lockdown conditions brought on by the COVID pandemic.

It’s a real world example of how blockchain technologies are enabling not just a raft of new games for players around the world, but actually providing paths out of…

Today we update the Amasa community on DAO formation, tokenomics, investor progress, ecosystem and partnerships as the project approaches important milestones in Q3 2021.

We start with a refresher on Amasa and why we’re here for those new to the project…

Problem: Corporate exploitation -> Solution: Web3.0

The last two decades of technological progress and connectivity have given rise to a trend of corporate exploitation.

Every day, billions of people create enormous value participating in social, gaming, virtual, search and other networks — specifically through generating and consuming virtual assets, data and content.

This value however is extracted and monetised by only a handful of large…

Amasa, the micro income streaming platform, today announced a partnership with Animoca Brands, which is the lead investor in Amasa’s recently closed seed round.

Through the partnership, Amasa will help increase awareness of Animoca Brands’ suite of play-to-earn blockchain games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its growing blockchain and cryptocurrency user base. Amasa enables users to easily aggregate, track, and invest earnings made through interacting with digital worlds, generating additional yields for users’ digital assets.

Animoca Brands’ portfolio includes branded products such as F1® Delta Time, MotoGP™ Ignition, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, WWE® Undefeated, and The Addams Family Mystery Mansion…

Amasa will be building out a world first micro income investment platform, utilising technical frameworks provided by Polygon (previously Matic), a leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution provider.

Building on top of Polygon as a technical partner working with their development team will streamline the platform build process, allowing Amasa to launch live sooner and ship added features faster. Polygon provides solutions to crucial technical limitations of scalability and cost of transactions that have been roadblocks in the path of building on the Ethereum blockchain.

By building on Polygon, Amasa will be setting a foundation that can scale to the mass…

Amasa is excited to share that the Stabilise component of the platform will be powered by the Synthetix derivatives liquidity protocol, utilising the security and flexibility of the Synthetix stablecoin, sUSD to be the first and primary USD-pegged stablecoin on Amasa.

Amasa automatically combines user micro income streams direct to a single account. This makes it easier to track and access various income streams in one place from the convenience of a smartphone. The app locks in the value of incoming cryptocurrency income streams to protect against volatility, by instantly converting them to stablecoins.

Synthetix is an asset issuance protocol…

Amasa and Sapien are pleased to announce an ecosystem partnership, with an initial focus on growing engaged communities that are rewarded for participation and adding value.

This collaboration is an alignment of visions for people to reap and own the value they contribute to their communities and networks. Sapien provides communities the tools to recognise members’ value and allow people to derive micro-income streams from that value, while Amasa enables these people to combine their income streams from Sapien and other sources into an amplified and more meaningful asset to the people earning them.

We’re excited about partnering on goals…

Amasa is excited to partner with Swash, a micro income stream provider that pays users for their data, giving anyone the ability to earn income while going about their regular online activities. Swash is a pioneer in evolving the current model of data value markets, giving value back to participants instead of being kept by platforms by enabling anyone to be paid for their data.

“Swash subverts the existing data ecosystem by rewarding individuals for the value of their data while bringing high-quality, zero-party data to businesses, retaining the commercial viability of data markets. Swash enables a potential micro income…

The Amplify Wallet

Maybe you want to just have all your micro incomes stabilised in one wallet earning interest long term. Or maybe your goal is a new ride, or pay some bills, further your studies, or start a side hustle. Whatever your goal, Amasa aims to help you reach it.

Stability With Interest

Just want stabilised micro income streams and earn interest on your savings? Easy. That’s our first step.

All your streams in one place, automatically converted to stablecoins and placed into a staking pool earning interest. Or skip that step and have the stabilised value available to withdraw, trade, or invest.

Non Custodial Base Layer

Your new…

Create value for the network, receive value from the network.


It’s free to open an Amasa account, connect your micro income streams, and start stabilising and amplifying them.

To take advantage of our managed funds, you’ll need some AMAS in your wallet. But even if you want to self manage, we think it’s worth being part of the Amasa community as an AMAS holder.

We’re building the Amasa platform to service the global community, in line with our vision towards a better Web 3.0 based future, where network participants share in network value.

So we’re building it with a roadmap…

The role of blockchain technologies and tokenization in creating a new and fairer paradigm

The financial world is undergoing the most significant transformation in at least a century. The money supply and national debts are skyrocketing. The US national debt is now over $26 trillion, representing over $80,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States, or over $200,000 per taxpayer. And for the first time in history, we face the prospect of long term zero or even negative interest rates. These are uncharted waters that seem increasingly unlikely to end well for the average global citizen.



Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.

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