Amasa is delighted to announce a partnership with Planetarium, the South Korean developer behind the world’s first fully decentralized and open source massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Nine Chronicles.

The partnership offers a range of synergies underpinned by the ongoing success of play to earn gaming in providing people with…

One of the biggest talking points in the blockchain space lately has definitely been the metaverse.

Facebook announced that it is renaming the company to ‘Meta’ and plans to pivot towards a metaverse-themed future where its social platform is just a small component of it’s company vision. …

The AMAS:ETH LP token staking program is now live, offering participants to share in earning 2,000,000 AMAS tokens over 90 days, from start date Nov 3.

AMAS token rewards will be distributed at each ETH block proportional to the LP tokens being staked by ERC-20 wallet addresses at that time.

Hop hop hooray 🐇🎉🥳🐇 The five winners of the Amasa Community Whitelist competition for ChainBoost’s upcoming ChainBunnies NFT launch have been drawn!

The winning ERC-20 addresses to be whitelisted are:

  • 0x1978aA2Ba03491ccba7FD37fCb431dFE9217F671
  • 0x6e023A834d7c695666936A9B15f5BBdAaFCDF6dA
  • 0xE221f2fb3833CF228cc32dFf0241aa2A45695CD1
  • 0x97aC8d0430F1F5F205b2e81aa6f556D851bFc9Fe
  • 0x8185a2F2C85DD367070C993C6bD5B5a85557b5c8

All winners have been contacted via email and Twitter DM.

⚠️ Be weary of scammers…


Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.

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