A primer on micro income streams — Part 2

Here’s some examples…

Social network interactions

Including posting content, commenting/ liking/getting likes/interactions on social media. Every interaction could earn a micro payment, as a participant on the social network you are bringing value to it, and without users interacting with each other there would be no network, and no value.

Viewing ads on web browsers and social media apps

Advertising revenue for digital platforms with large global networks is worth tens to hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Ads are pushed into social media feeds, before and during videos, all over websites, everywhere online.

Tracking and personal data opt-ins

People’s movements online, and even physically through GPS on mobile devices, are tracked constantly. This information is used by digital platforms to drive targeted advertising and internal product enhancements, and also sold to third parties to use in their own ways.

Online gaming

Cryptocurrency originated out of digital currencies and items within the world of online gaming. Gamers have been transacting peer to peer with in-game digital currencies for a long time. Now in-game value can be transferred out of these online worlds as well. Rewards for achievements, creations, and interactions have real world value.

Professional network interactions, replies, referrals

Centralised professional networks like LinkedIn have lucrative revenue models based around facilitating broader network linkages, curated networks, messaging and career advancement tools.

Sharing HD storage / CPU power on cloud networks

Decentralised versions of DropBox, WeTransfer or Google Drive are bringing a new model of peer to peer file storage and transfer, where users can rent out spare hard drive space or CPU power in a trustless and encoded format. Files are sharded and split across the network, potentially enabling the spare HD space and operating power of millions of individuals, instead of centralised warehouses of single company hosted servers.

Digital product tests/surveys, the gig economy

Software company A/B testing, product development or service surveys and other customer feedback driven protocols are already ways to earn value online. New platforms that enable frictionless and scalable access for companies and individuals to participate in these activities and use cryptocurrencies as the medium of exchange, will play an integral part in rapid iteration and improvement in software across fields from AI to AR and digital marketplace products.

The future is evolved network monetisation.

We are building alongside an online network evolution and payment adoption trend, by developing a first to market micro income stream investment platform to aggregate, stabilise and amplify the value of micro incomes for anybody, anywhere. All in the background of your everyday life.



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