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4 min readOct 2, 2021


We are now living in the Web 3.0 age. Web 3.0 provides the ability for people anywhere in the world to trade information, data, and value with counterparties they’ve never met or established a trusted relationship with. And more importantly, without the need for an intermediary of any kind.

Web 3.0 enables a far broader range of person to person or person to machine interactions. All without a fee-charging middleman. It promises to usher in an entirely new era of previously unimaginable business and cooperative models. These are truly exciting times and the Web 3.0 revolution is only just getting started.

The Web — built back better

After the original creation of the Internet, the world saw a whole new set of online capabilities made possible with the rise of Web 2.0. This was the transition beyond static web sites to social networks, user generated content, and more interactive experiences through platforms such as Facebook, AirBnB, and Instagram. Web 2.0 gave the internet a human level of depth that made it possible for people to genuinely engage with one another online rather than just checking what time the next bus was coming.

While solving many of the shortcomings of the original Internet, Web 2.0 also ultimately led to the creation of a whole new set of failings. These largely revolved around the extreme concentration of content and information ownership among just a handful of tech companies.

But while Web 2.0 continues on its current path, we’re already seeing the emergence of a paradigm shift in the Internet. And this shift will ultimately be an even greater disruption than the Web 2.0 shift before it. This is because Web 3.0 is characterised by decentralisation and a transition to genuinely open, trustless, and permissionless networks.

Open networks are those based on open source software so that the network developers and the community of users have full view of the nature of the platforms they’re using. Trustless networks are those that allow participation and interaction without the need for any trusted third party. Permissionless means that anyone can participate in the network without the need for authorisation from a central organisation or governing body.

Added into this mix of novel technologies and decentralised models, is the fact that blockchain technologies also facilitate low cost peer to peer transactions outside the traditional banking infrastructure. While high international banking transaction fees essentially ruled out the viability of low cost repeat transactions in the past — that has all now changed.

Making micro income streams matter

The evolution of networks made possible by blockchain powered Web 3.0 technologies mean that posting content, online interactions, viewing ads, sharing resources, and many other digital participant scenarios can trigger fractional financial rewards directly to users in the form of micro payments.

It means the ability to generate income from content creation and online interactions is no longer monopolised by big tech, a handful of platforms, or a handful of YouTube celebrities. Network revenues can now be shared across participant networks rather than being simply accrued by the platforms.

What this model of decentralisation enables is new ways for anyone to receive rewards for the value they generate online via micro income streams. This can be from activities including play to earn gaming, viewing ads, producing content, or sharing data. Users receive direct payments in the form of cryptocurrency based micro income streams.

A micro income stream is the term that Amasa created to describe the kind of income streams that are of a repeat nature and of relatively low value. So micro income streams are any kind of cryptocurrency payments you can receive regularly for things you already do online or are interested in participating in. They are paid by Web 3.0 services that reward users for their participation.

There are many types of apps already offering micro income streams, for example:

  • Play-to-earn gaming (eg Axie Infinity)
  • Web browsing/ad viewing (eg Brave)
  • Data sharing (eg Swash)
  • Sharing data storage or processing power (eg Storj, Golem)
  • Social networking (eg Sapien, Minds)

… and many other normal online activities that you might already be doing, or are just emerging and will soon become the new normal!

Let Amasa bring it all together for you

Amasa is pre-empting the evolution of online networks and payments by developing a first to market micro income stream investment platform to aggregate, stabilise, and increase the value of micropayments for platform users. This helps make network economies more valuable to every participant around the world.

Firstly, Amasa seeks to fix a fragmented ecosystem of many different tokens across different wallets, by bringing user streams to a single app. This makes it far easier to track, manage, and access micro incomes or to discover new streams. All from the convenience of your smartphone.

Next, Amasa will offer the option to automatically shield income streams against price volatility and to more easily track the real world value you’re earning.

Finally, Amasa will allow the amplification of the value of those earnings by leveraging a range of DeFi protocols. Vetted by experts, selected by the voting Amasa community. Non-custodial, but hands off, in the background of daily life.

We call this three step process investment streaming. It’s the term we coined to describe the simplified process of earning micro income streams and having them connect into DeFi in an ongoing and seamless way.

Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. All in the background of everyday life.

Amasa was created to empower anyone, anywhere in the world to capture and capitalise on the value creation potential of micro income streams. Amasa is working to further adoption of evolved Web 3.0 networks and platforms that enable participants to earn micro income streams — for their time, energy, attention, content, data, and interactions.

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Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.