Amasa is excited to partner with , a micro income stream provider that pays users for their data, giving anyone the ability to earn income while going about their regular online activities. Swash is a pioneer in evolving the current model of data value markets, giving value back to participants instead of being kept by platforms by enabling anyone to be paid for their data.

“Swash subverts the existing data ecosystem by rewarding individuals for the value of their data while bringing high-quality, zero-party data to businesses, retaining the commercial viability of data markets. Swash enables a potential micro income stream for a global market of billions, and it’s already working, easy to use, and making rapid progress. We’re proud to partner with Swash.” — William Birks, Amasa Co-Founder & CEO

This collaboration will benefit both parties working towards aligned visions, where Swash provides users with a micro income stream in which users receive profits generated from their surfing data, and Amasa enables these users to combine their Swash income with other background streams, amplifying the value of the overall micro incomes being earned.

As ecosystem partners, we are very excited about collaborating on technical integrations, maximising income potential for users, growing global awareness, and incentivising mass adoption of evolved Web 3.0 models that create real value for participants in seamless experiences.

Stay tuned in to our progress and announcements here:

@swashapp | @amasa_io

About Swash

makes it possible to earn as you surf the web. Simply install the plugin and use the web as normal to start earning rewards straight into your wallet.

Swash aims to redesign the data economy to work to the benefit of everyone, ultimately creating a better internet. This is only possible by rewarding everyday internet users for the value their data generates as they use the web and by recognising every individual as an integral part of the data economy.

With Swash, everyone can profit from the value of their data. By redefining how data is collected and valued, Swash aims to accelerate change and set new standards for our data economy.

For more information about Swash or to get in touch with the team, visit the , follow us on social media, or send an email to

Swash is available on all major browsers.

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About Amasa

The mission for Amasa is to help empower anyone in the world to capture and capitalise on micro income streams. Amasa is working to help drive the adoption of evolved Web 3.0 networks and platforms that enable participants to earn micro income streams — for their time, energy, attention, content, data, and interactions

Amasa will make these micro income streams easy to capture, combine and access as a stabilised income, then amplify into a more significant value source through DeFi investment portfolio options.

Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. All in the background of everyday life.

Find out more via the links below, and to get in touch email

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