Amasa — The First Micro Income Stream Amplifier

We are working to help drive adoption of evolved peer to peer networks that reward digital participants — for their time, energy, attention, communication, content, and interactions.

We believe anyone, anywhere in the world with a smart phone and internet, should be able to access new ways to earn value and improve their quality of life. That may translate to tens of thousands of dollars, or just tens of dollars, depending on each participant’s circumstances.

Our mission is to help empower anyone to capture and capitalise on micro income streams.

There’s a disturbing theme that plays a role in the lives of billions, centred around a few very large and very powerful tech companies. Our personal information and content is no longer ours to control, corporations know what we spend our money on, what we like and don’t like, and who our friends and families are.

Our information and the content we create is used by big companies for their own gain or sold to other businesses without our knowledge or approval.

They’re not just trying to sell us products anymore — we are the product.

And the hundreds of billions of dollars they make off this model every year, they keep, and use to expand their reach.

We see this as Networks V 1.0, a flawed early system that needs to evolve. The good news? It already has. A new generation of online platforms is emerging with a better way forward, and the incumbents are having to take notice.

Blockchain technology has enabled new companies and platforms to be created. Platforms that pay you for your time, data, information, and content.

We call these payments — micro income streams.

Micro income streams offer a whole new set of opportunities to earn income for your interactions. From viewing ads to gaming or producing content. You receive direct payments in the form of cryptocurrencies.

You’re no longer just a product, you’re a producer.

Our goal is to make micro income streams easier to capture and combine and to transform them into a bigger, more meaningful source of wealth over time. However that looks like for each individual.

The way we do this is simple.


Amasa automatically combines all your micro income streams direct to a single account. This makes it easier to track and access your various income streams in one place from your smartphone.


The app also locks in the value of your incoming cryptocurrencies to protect against volatility, by instantly converting them to stablecoins.


Then, to make these background income streams truly meaningful, Amasa amplifies the value of your earnings by channelling them into a managed fund portfolio led by our top tier crypto fund management partner. We’re working to team up with the best in the business.

You can choose to leave it to the experts so your funds are maximized completely in the background or take control of how your funds are invested with a range of options from conservative through to aggressive to amplify your returns.

What this model creates is a new way for anyone to integrate added income into the background of their daily life.

We’re calling it investment streaming.

We believe some people have enough billions — and billions of people deserve more. Amasa is building something world first and we’d like your help to make it happen.

Visit our site, sign up to the waitlist, and leave some feedback or get in touch to join the conversation.

Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.