Amasa and Sapien are pleased to announce an ecosystem partnership, with an initial focus on growing engaged communities that are rewarded for participation and adding value.

This collaboration is an alignment of visions for people to reap and own the value they contribute to their communities and networks. Sapien provides communities the tools to recognise members’ value and allow people to derive micro-income streams from that value, while Amasa enables these people to combine their income streams from Sapien and other sources into an amplified and more meaningful asset to the people earning them.

We’re excited about partnering on goals toward incentivization for mass adoption of evolved Web 3.0 social media, the potential of future technical integrations, and growing a global community around Amasa on the Sapien platform!

Stay tuned in to our progress and announcements here @sapien_network @amasa_io

About Sapien

Your new destination for connection. Sapien isn’t just another social media platform.

It’s a space for human beings to create and explore new social possibilities, together.

The Social Media Establishment is sucking the life out of you. It’s been feeding on you for years and has profited handsomely in the process. We’ve got a new way to do things. We’ve built a better platform, with a different business model, guided by one mantra: humans first.

Social media giants make massive profits by acting as intermediaries between creators and their audiences. Arbitrary and opaque systems determine how much exposure a creator receives — and how they’ll be compensated for their efforts.

Sapien believes that creators and audiences belong together, in a nurturing environment where creators are fairly rewarded for their work and audiences enjoy direct connections with their favorite personalities.

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About Amasa

The mission for Amasa is to help empower anyone in the world to capture and capitalise on micro income streams. Amasa is working to help drive adoption of evolved Web 3.0 networks and platforms that enable participants to earn micro income streams — for their time, energy, attention, content, data and interactions

Amasa will make these micro income streams easy to capture, combine and access as a stabilised income, then amplify into a more significant value source through DeFi investment portfolio options.

Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. All in the background of everyday life.

Find out more about Amasa on our website or social media, or get in touch

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Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.