Amplify Your Income — Make Micro Income Streams Work For You

The decentralised and innovative nature of the crypto space provides amazing wealth building opportunities. But there can be a great deal of complexity that comes with it. Crypto has a steep learning curve and with new projects and DeFi protocols emerging daily, it can be difficult to know how to maximise the value of your crypto assets and income streams.

One of the key features of the Amasa platform is the ability to help people amplify the value of their cryptocurrency income streams. In a simple and largely hands-off way. The secret to this lies in enabling Amasa users to utilise third party Decentralised Finance (DeFi) integrations from a single location.

Rely on DeFi experts, so you don’t have to become one yourself to gain the full benefits of DeFi.

DeFi Vs Traditional finance

The hallmark of the traditional finance and banking system in the last decade has been declining yields. Most countries now have near zero or even negative interest rates. And once you factor in inflation, real interest rates are already well below zero.

Remember when the bank used to actually pay you a decent amount of interest to have custody over your money (which they would invest to earn more money)? We do too. But it’s starting to seem like a distant memory.

DeFi is creating the perfect antidote to the world of near zero interest rates from banks. It is creating an entirely new and constantly innovating suite of high yield products and protocols that allow users to maximise yields on their assets. But there is a high barrier to entry with DeFi as most of the protocols are extremely complex, the interfaces are hard to understand and use, and the whole DeFi investing process can be very time consuming.

This is where Amasa makes all the difference.

Amasa — simplifying exposure to DeFi

Amasa will allow people to take advantage of DeFi opportunities in the background of their everyday life. Income earned can be put into “set and forget” portfolio options with varying risk tolerances. So you can get access to the best DeFi protocols and leverage the knowledge of experts, all from the convenience of a single smartphone app.

The Amasa platform is being built to help you to amplify the value you accumulate via your micro income streams, by putting it to use in leading DeFi protocols such as Enzyme, Staked, Set, dHedge, Rari, and Index. Just to name a few. Exposure to new protocols and portfolio options will be progressively added, and the community of AMAS token holders will also be able to propose and vote on new DeFi platforms to integrate into the Amasa ecosystem.

Turn your micro income streams into truly lucrative sources of wealth that you can build over time. All in the background of your everyday life. It’s all the benefits of crypto and DeFi, just without the headaches and late nights.

Your ticket to wealth building

Amasa is being created to empower anyone, anywhere in the world to capture and capitalise on the value creation potential of micro income streams. Amasa is working to further the adoption of evolved Web 3.0 networks and platforms that enable participants to earn micro income streams — for their time, energy, attention, content, data, and interactions.

Amasa’s approach makes these micro income streams easy to capture, combine, and access as stabilised income. The platform then allows people to easily amplify the value of that income. By integrating leading DeFi protocols into the platform, Amasa is creating simplified pathways to value amplifying opportunities, for mass adoption by the public.

Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. All in the background of everyday life.

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Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.