Announcing Winners of the Amasa Community ChainBunnies NFT Whitelist!

Hop hop hooray 🐇🎉🥳🐇 The five winners of the Amasa Community Whitelist competition for ChainBoost’s upcoming ChainBunnies NFT launch have been drawn!

The winning ERC-20 addresses to be whitelisted are:

  • 0x1978aA2Ba03491ccba7FD37fCb431dFE9217F671
  • 0x6e023A834d7c695666936A9B15f5BBdAaFCDF6dA
  • 0xE221f2fb3833CF228cc32dFf0241aa2A45695CD1
  • 0x97aC8d0430F1F5F205b2e81aa6f556D851bFc9Fe
  • 0x8185a2F2C85DD367070C993C6bD5B5a85557b5c8

All winners have been contacted via email and Twitter DM.

⚠️ Be weary of scammers. Always check that email communication with Amasa team members come from an email address, and any contact on social channels is via the official Amasa Twitter account or from an official Telegram admin.

The ChainBunnies VIP Whitelist sale opens on Thursday, October 28 at 13:00 British Standard Time (BST), with the public sale opening two hours later at 15:00 BST. See for full details and to participate.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted to the Amasa whitelist competition and to our friends at ChainBoost for making this available to the Amasa community.

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