ChainBunnies NFT launch next week — 5 whitelist spots for the Amasa community!

Hold on to your carrots, NFT fans 🥕🥕 Our friends at ChainBoost are unleashing 10,000 ChainBunnies NFTs next week! 🐰

To celebrate, Amasa and ChainBoost are offering VIP early-access whitelisting to five $AMAS token holders.

Here’s how to enter for your chance to win one of the five whitelist spots:

  1. Hold at least 1,000 $AMAS tokens in an ERC-20 wallet (we will take a snapshot between October 21, 12:00 UTC, and October 25, 06:00 UTC).
  2. Enter the Gleam campaign here before Monday, October 25, 06:00 UTC.
  3. Five whitelist winners will be selected randomly on Monday, October 25, after 06:00 UTC.
  4. Winners will be contacted via email, with their wallet addresses announced in a separate Medium announcement.

The ChainBunnies release includes $200,000 in rewards, IFO/INO giveaways, BoostScore bonuses, staking rewards, and “Zombunnification” burn rewards. Bunnies will cost 0.06 ETH each during the initial release. See for more information.

Go on — dive down the warren and enter the Amasa whitelist competition now. You’d be hopping mad to miss it!

Thanks to our friends at ChainBoost for making this offer available to the Amasa community! 🐰❤️

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