Combine. Stabilise. Amplify

The Amplify Wallet

Maybe you want to just have all your micro incomes stabilised in one wallet earning interest long term. Or maybe your goal is a new ride, or pay some bills, further your studies, or start a side hustle. Whatever your goal, Amasa aims to help you reach it.

Just want stabilised micro income streams and earn interest on your savings? Easy. That’s our first step.

All your streams in one place, automatically converted to stablecoins and placed into a staking pool earning interest. Or skip that step and have the stabilised value available to withdraw, trade, or invest.

Your new Amplify wallet starts as a ‘your keys, your crypto’ deal. If you want to drive, you have the wheel.

Access complete DEx liquidity to chart, track, trade, and copytrade tokens, sets, and indexes. Plus seamless integration to DeFi protocols to stake, lend, and borrow. Anything our community wants in on, it will be integrated.

To really utilise Amasa, link your wallet into community vetted managed investment portfolios.

Choose from conservative to aggressive funds, ranging in exposure from the same DeFi options that can be self managed — but all in the background and managed by experts — through active leveraged BTC and altcoin trading, to tokenised real world assets and crypto VC seed stage investments.

We believe managed funds are the most effective way to amplify value for our network community, but don’t worry, this isn’t traditional finance.

Before Amasa goes live with a working product, experienced fund managers across different investment specialties will be shortlisted for selection. Traders, crypto fund managers, DeFi gurus, crypto VC’s . Reputable entities, respected names, solid track records.

But this centralised component will have a decentralised feature. Network AMAS token holders will vote on aspects of funds and who will manage them. Final decisions will be made with a large weighting towards the network vote.

Amasa is being created for the global community, and will be run by the community at all levels when it’s ready to operate that way.

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Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.