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One of the core features of the Amasa platform is the ability to help people amplify the value of their cryptocurrency income streams. We already know of the huge opportunities that exist within crypto, but how can Amasa actually increase the value of your earned cryptocurrencies beyond what is normally possible?

The answer lies in utilising third party Decentralised Finance (DeFi) integrations. And making them easy to access.

In a world of declining traditional yields, DeFi is creating a new generation of innovative high yield protocols and platforms that users can take advantage of to maximise returns while still maintaining custody over their assets. However, the downside to DeFi is a fairly high barrier to entry as many protocols are either difficult to understand or time consuming to participate in.

This is where Amasa fits in.

Amasa will allow people to take advantage of DeFi opportunities in the background of their everyday life. Income earned can be put into “set and forget” portfolio options with varying risk tolerances.

Enzyme is a great example of the kind of third party DeFi protocols that Amasa is integrating to allow a greater number of users to benefit from DeFi without the complexity of manually having to manage every step of the process.

About Enzyme

Enzyme Finance (MLN), formerly known as Melon, is a decentralised asset management ecosystem built on Ethereum. It provides users access to a wide range of DeFi tokens and protocols via its Enzyme Smart Vaults.

These vaults allow people to monetise investment strategies using the latest DeFi innovations and greatly simplify access to the types of asset management vehicles from the traditional finance world that have always been out of reach of the average person or even investor.

Via Enzyme’s protocols, users can gain easy access to yield generating activities such as lending crypto assets like Aave, trading synthetic assets via Synthetix, or providing liquidity on Curve or Uniswap. These functionalities already exist today and Enzyme is continually looking to add greater functionalities and innovative options to allow people to earn higher yields in the future.

About Amasa

Amasa was created to empower anyone, anywhere in the world to capture and capitalise on the value creation potential of micro income streams. Amasa is driving adoption of Web 3.0 networks and platforms that enable participants to earn micro income streams — for their time, energy, attention, content, data, and interactions.

The Amasa app will make these micro income streams easy to capture, combine, and access as stabilised income, then allow people to easily amplify the value of that income. By integrating leading DeFi protocols into its ecosystem, Amasa is creating simplified pathways for mass adoption by the public of value amplifying opportunities.

Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. All in the background of everyday life.

Find out more about Amasa at the links below, or get in touch at hi@amasa.io.

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Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.