How Amasa shields users from volatility

Stabilise — Shielding users from price volatility

Owning cryptocurrencies can be extremely profitable. Even over very short periods of time. It’s not uncommon for the value of an individual cryptocurrency, even well established major projects, to increase by up to 50 percent in a single day. Only to be followed by a similar sized drop only days or weeks later. This level of price volatility is unheard of in traditional markets such as stocks, forex markets, or commodities.

While these price increases are part of the reason why the crypto space is so exciting to be a part of, that inherent volatility can also be extremely frustrating. Or extremely dangerous for people who don’t have the time to closely track the value of their crypto holdings.

Because while large swings to the upside are possible, huge profits can also be quickly wiped away by major price fluctuations. Or a token that was once very valuable can have its value slowly decrease over time until you’re left with almost nothing. And you might find that the cost of the transaction to turn those tokens into fiat currency might exceed the value of the tokens themselves.

The potential drawbacks of this price volatility is one of the problems Amasa was created to help solve for users.

Stabilise your earnings

Amasa stabilises micro income streams against constant price volatility through auto swaps to stablecoins. This shields users from huge price shocks and also makes it easier to track and understand how much you are really earning weekly, monthly, or yearly.

So instead of seeing a portfolio containing a dozen different altcoins that you’re earning via your micro income streams, with each altcoin fluctuating 10, 20, 30 percent or more every week, you can view a single account value displayed in USD.

It also means you can have far greater peace of mind in knowing you aren’t losing large amounts of value if you don’t check your holdings for a few weeks. Or a few months. You can relax knowing your income streams are continuing to come in, are being auto swapped to stablecoin, and steadily increasing the value of your account.

Under the hood

The stabilising component of the Amasa platform means that every time your micro income stream earnings are brought into your Amasa account, they are auto swapped into stablecoins to provide you with a USD value. These swaps are automated actions, set according to time or value based trigger values to minimise network fees. For example, once per week, or every time your balance in a project goes over $10. They can be done at low cost, by leveraging Layer 2 technologies such as those offered by Polygon.

The trigger based auto-swaps to shield from volatility are made possible by utilising technologies such as Keepers, created by Chainlink, and the Quickswap Dex, which is powered by Polygon. Amasa’s close working connections with Chainlink and Polygon also mean that we can continue to innovate as new technologies and capabilities are introduced by these leaders in the DeFi space. This ensures we will always offer the most efficient, lowest cost transactions.

Stabilised automatic swaps to protect your earned value. Simple, automatic, and low cost.

Get on board

To learn how you can start earning micro income streams today and to hear about the latest project news and announcements, visit us on Twitter and Telegram (Announcements), or join our Telegram community channel. Or you can always get in touch at



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