Investment Streaming and Why Amasa is the Best Bet

Your time, content, data, and network interactions are valuable. But until recently, the majority of this value has been channelled to large tech companies or advertisers. There’s been little real opportunity to properly control and monetise your online actions.

But blockchain technologies have completely flipped the script. By launching a new paradigm of decentralisation, network economies have been altered to favour individuals and the people creating the value. Not the organisations selling it.

A closer look at micro income streams

Micro income streams are any repeated payment on a small value scale that you can earn as a result of online interactions or services. These earnings are transacted in the form of cryptocurrencies, enabled by blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies provide a way to send a unit of value of any size from one person or entity to another anywhere in the world almost instantly, without having to use banking payment channels. This significantly lowers transaction costs and opens up a new world where people can earn micro income streams. It even enables payments to happen without any human input, so devices can complete smart contracts between each other and make payments based on the terms of that contract.

This has created a viable way for digital network participants using social media, web browsers, and other online platforms to send and receive value. In real time and without restrictions. It changes the paradigm from large digital platforms allowing people to use their platforms “for free” but then earning billions of dollars collecting personal data and targeting ads to their users. And its enabling gamers to earn real world income from play to earn games like Axie Infinity or from buying and selling in-game items and NFTs.

Welcome to Web 3.0

The new Web 3.0 paradigm is being built right now in the form of new generation social networks, web browsers that pay their users micro incomes, and play to earn gaming. It encourages innovative web based solutions that connect users to each other while also connecting them to the actual revenue stream. Instead of a few centralised platforms earning billions, the revenue and value created by Web 3.0 networks is shared between the network participants.

So you can now be paid a small amount of digital currency every time an ad shows up while scrolling social media. Or from browsing online for clothes. Or for writing a blog post. Or playing a multiplayer online game. Or being part of an NFT based community. You can choose to earn incomes from a few passive streams or seek out more active streams that give you more rewards the more you interact with a network or a community.

Where Amasa fits in

One of the key drawbacks to the new Web 3.0 world is it’s still complicated to get started. And it can be difficult to turn the cryptocurrency tokens you earn into real world value when they’re spread across too many different web wallets or it’s too expensive to actually withdraw from each of those wallets.

It’s great you can now earn money for your time and interactions but if it takes too much time to manage all your different cryptocurrencies, each stored in a different wallet, then it can all be pretty overwhelming. Or just take too much time out of your day trying to keep track of everything. Or the volatility of many cryptocurrencies means its too difficult to track how much your micro income streams are really worth.

To address these issues, Amasa is working to simplify the whole process of earning micro income streams. By helping you find and connect to new income streams and combining all those streams to a single account accessed from your smartphone. The value of those incoming streams is then stabilised into USD value. And best of all — you can then amplify the value of your earnings via yield generating DeFi options, leveraging the combined knowledge of experts and the community to remove barriers of entry to this rapidly evolving space for new users.

It took unified portals like Amazon to really make the online shopping experience widely accessible. And Spotify to bring the world’s digital music together into a seamless user experience. Similarly, Amasa was created to simplify the income generating world of crypto. Then combine it with the yield generating possibilities of DeFi. We call it investment streaming.

Join the evolution

Payment systems and online networks are rapidly evolving. Amasa is building alongside these trends by developing a first to market micro income stream investment platform to combine, stabilise, and amplify the value of micro incomes for anybody, anywhere. All in the background of your everyday life.

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Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.