Project Update from Amasa — The First Micro Income Stream Amplifier

Today we update the Amasa community on DAO formation, tokenomics, investor progress, ecosystem and partnerships as the project approaches important milestones in Q3 2021.

We start with a refresher on Amasa and why we’re here for those new to the project…

Problem: Corporate exploitation -> Solution: Web3.0

The last two decades of technological progress and connectivity have given rise to a trend of corporate exploitation.

Every day, billions of people create enormous value participating in social, gaming, virtual, search and other networks — specifically through generating and consuming virtual assets, data and content.

This value however is extracted and monetised by only a handful of large and powerful tech companies.

These companies know what we do, what we play, what we buy, what we like and don’t like and who our closest friends and family are. And they own our virtual identities, data, content and belongings.

The good news is that this flawed system is already being disrupted by a new generation of online platforms and services.

These blockchain-enabled, Web 3.0 platforms deliver a fairer, more equitable distribution of benefits. Instead of value flowing to a few corporate overlords, these platforms and services distribute benefits to the participants that create that value.

Micro income streams

This distribution of benefits to network participants is done in the form of small, regular payments of cryptocurrency tokens. We call these micro income streams.

One example of a micro income platform is the Brave browser this article is written in, which rewards the author with small amounts of Basic Attention Token (BAT) for viewing popup ads while writing.

Another example is the play-to-earn game F1 Delta Time the author will play later on, which rewards users in REVV token for participating in events and tournaments.

With micro income streams, you’re no longer just a product. You’re a producer.

At Amasa we are inspired by the potential of micro income streams. We believe they have the capacity to meaningfully impact one’s financial position and quality of life.

Through Web 3.0 platforms, people are today receiving micro income streams for:

  • Online gaming participation, achievements and interactions
  • Content creation, social media interactions, likes/views
  • Trading NFTs such as in-game assets, music, movies, and collectibles
  • Viewing ads on web browsers and social media apps
  • Allowing tracking and data sharing with third parties
  • Allowing platforms to access your personal data
  • Sharing HD storage / CPU power on cloud networks
  • Participating in DeFi platforms and protocols
  • Digital product user testing, surveys, data mapping
  • And more…

With micro income streams, you’re no longer just a product. You’re a producer.

But there’s a hitch…

Opportunities already abound to earn micro income streams for your activity, time, data, information, and content, and more are introduced every month.

But right now, if you participate in say five different income-generating platforms, you end up with small amounts of five different tokens spread across five different wallets with different access protocols and processes.

In this state, you’ve been rewarded with value, but the reward is fragmented and difficult to track, consolidate and mobilise without lots of manual effort and loss of value to transaction fees.

Enter Amasa

Amasa solves this problem.

Our goal is to make micro income streams easier to capture and combine, to help people transform them into a bigger, more meaningful source of wealth over time. However that looks like for each individual.

The way we do this is simple.

Amasa automatically combines all your micro income streams direct to a single account. This makes it easier to track and access your various income streams in one place from your smartphone.

The app then locks in the value of your incoming cryptocurrencies to protect against volatility, by instantly converting them to stablecoins.

Then, to make these background income streams truly meaningful, Amasa gives you easy access to a range of investment options to choose from. Utilise DeFi value amplifiers like staking, lending, and liquidity provision, decentralised managed fund portfolios and index funds, or invest in tokenised real world assets (and other asset classes introduced to the platform in the future).

Your keys, your crypto. The Amasa app puts you in control and gives you easy tools to grow your value.

The AMAS token, Amasa DAO and Community Governance Offering

The Amasa platform has been developed with the intention to operate as a fully functioning Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). This means the governance and future of the platform will be controlled by the platform users themselves, so decisions can be made in a bottom up way that favours the actual platform participants.

The platform will be powered by the AMAS community governance token. AMAS holders will be able to participate in the Amasa DAO by submitting proposals and voting on new developments such as portfolio option choices, changes to fee and reward structures, how treasury funds are deployed, or implementation of new features to create value for the community.

The AMAS Community Governance Offering will take place in a limited allocation format in Q3, 2021. After announcement on Amasa channels, interested parties will go through a whitelisting process before being invited to participate in the offering.

Immediately following the offering, an AMAS token pool will be created on Uniswap to further enable those who want to be part of the Amasa DAO to access AMAS tokens, through unlocked supply of tokens from early DAO members.

The maximum supply of the token is 200 million AMAS, with an initial circulating supply of 5.8%, or 11.6 million AMAS. We project the initial market cap at launch on Uniswap to be $928,000.

Ecosystem and partnerships

The Amasa team has focused on developing our ecosystem over the last 12 months, establishing partnerships and integrations with projects that enhance the platform, make it more efficient for users and give them more options for wealth-building.

In 2021 we’ve acquired a string of ecosystem partnerships and integrations with projects including Animoca Brands, Polygon, Swash App, Sapien, Synthetix, Boson Protocol, Enzyme, Staked, Paraswap and dHedge. We will announce more new partnerships and integrations in coming weeks.

Each partnership and integration enhances a specific part of the Amasa platform’s 1. Combine -> 2. Stabilise -> 3. Amplify workflow.

For example, the Stabilise component of the Amasa platform will be powered by the Synthetix protocol. Amasa will utilise the security and flexibility of the Synthetix stablecoin, sUSD, as the first and primary USD-pegged stablecoin on Amasa. The Amasa app will also allow users to stabilise micro income streams directly into other synthetic assets like synthetic Bitcoin (sBTC).

Stay tuned

Throughout cryptocurrency market fluctuations, we remain inspired by the continuous development of Web 3.0, micro income stream platforms and real progress towards a fairer and more equitable system.

Join our journey. Stay tuned for project news and announcements on Twitter and Telegram (Announcements), and join our Telegram community channel. Or Get in touch at

Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.