The AMAS network token

3 min readSep 8, 2020


Create value for the network, receive value from the network.


It’s free to open an Amasa account, connect your micro income streams, and start stabilising and amplifying them.

To take advantage of our managed funds, you’ll need some AMAS in your wallet. But even if you want to self manage, we think it’s worth being part of the Amasa community as an AMAS holder.

We’re building the Amasa platform to service the global community, in line with our vision towards a better Web 3.0 based future, where network participants share in network value.

So we’re building it with a roadmap towards a decentralised, community-governed and maintained DAO structure, transitioning stewardship of the platform to a foundation, providing guidance, and helping Amasa progress into the future.

The AMAS token will give holders the right to participate in decision making at all levels.

For example, when we select our fund manager partners, the end decisions will be made in conjunction with a vote from our community of AMAS token holders, with an open Telegram / Discord for input and discussion.

Also, when investment strategies are being finalised, we will have the same mechanism in place, so that even our centralised value amplification component will operate within an open, decentralised system.

In early roadmap stages, critical final decisions will be made with expert advisory input to ensure the best project outcomes, and many voting events will be limited to shortlisted options or A/B decisions rather than totally open, but we have strong faith in the passion and knowledge of the community to help shape key decisions for the network. Once the platform is fully operational, we will step back and let the community self-govern in a decentralised, autonomous structure.

Network incentivisation and rewards

Once the platform is operating, AMAS tokens can be earned simply by having micro income streams coming into your wallet. The more you make in micro incomes, the more AMAS you can… amass.

All AMAS holders will be eligible to automatically share each month in an internal pool of funds derived from platform fees, rewarding the community for continuing to grow Amasa. The fee pool also pays for contributor bounties and other costs to develop the platform.

This pool is a percentage of monthly management performance fees earned by our fund experts. So when these centrally managed funds do well, the community benefits in more ways than one.

And the fund manager paying back into the network keeps a healthy ecosystem.

The more commitment a member shows each month with earning and holding tokens, the greater their allocation of the overall fee pool shared among token holders.

To take advantage of our managed funds, users need some AMAS in your wallet to pay withdrawal fees. Fees are discounted when funds are left invested for longer.

All AMAS used to pay fees are burned, which functions as a deflationary mechanism to increase the network’s value to participants over time.

Even if you want to self manage, we think it’s worth being involved in the Amasa community as an AMAS holder, for governance rights and access to the managed fund fee pool.

We’re exploring ways to enable rewards for self-amplifying income streams. For example, if your self managed monthly return comes in higher than our high ROI profile fund, you get awarded bonus Amasa tokens.

We aim to create a base platform that can evolve and be improved over time by a global network of platform participants. The platform has massive potential for social good if the system can self generate value.




Our driving purpose is to help people improve their financial position, by amplifying the value of micro income streams. Be a producer, not a product.