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2 min readDec 20, 2021

Amasa is delighted to partner with, a data ownership tool that was created to put an end to the interruptive, exploitative advertising model that drives today’s web and return ownership of time and data back to the individual. Making it possible for individuals to own and be compensated for their data in Web3, Permission has created the infrastructure for individuals to grant permission and earn a micro income stream from your data across the digital ecosystem through the ASK Coin.

The collaboration will benefit both projects working towards aligned visions, where Permission provides its users with a micro income stream generated from data the user allows third parties to collect, and Amasa enables these users to combine their Permission income with other background streams and amplify this combined value via DeFi.

Permission x Amasa

As ecosystem partners, we are looking forward to collaborating with on technical integration opportunities and to maximise income potential for users. Further, Amasa is excited to connect with other data ownership projects where aligned values will translate to increased awareness and adoption of evolved Web3 models that create real value for participants from their time online.

About Permission is the leading provider of permission-based advertising. The company has created the ASK Coin to empower consumers to own and monetize their data while delivering engaged audiences to marketers. Advertisers reward consumers with ASK for interacting with brands and content, building loyalty and trust.

Permission is building a patent-pending ‘‘industry first’ demand-side bidding platform (DSP) that rewards consumers in ASK cryptocurrency for sharing data and engaging with brands. The DSP, named Permission® Ads, will connect advertisers with millions of consumers around the globe and play a central role in all of the company’s innovations moving forward.

About Amasa

Amasa’s mission is to empower people everywhere to capture and capitalise on the wealth building potential of micro income streams and DeFi. We are working to inspire mass adoption of Web3 platforms that reward participants for their gaming, time, energy, attention, content, data and interactions.

We’re doing that by building the world’s first micro income stream investment app. The Amasa app will make micro income streams easy to capture, combine and access as a stabilised income, then amplify through user-selected DeFi investment options.

Combine. Stabilise. Amplify. All in the background of everyday life.

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